Friday, January 25, 2013

Just gotta say it

I want another baby.  I want to feel a glorious baby kicking inside of me.  I want to feel a little one whirling and twirling and punching and kicking it's way around in my womb. 

With each cycle my heart breaks just a little.  Did I expect it to happen right away?  Kinda.  I seem to be a bit of a fertile Myrtle so I was thinking it wouldn't take much. 

Do I think having another baby will 'cure' me of my pain?  No. 

Do I think having another baby will bring absolute joy?  No.  Only God can. 

But, I believe that God changed our hearts for a reason.  So here's to the next cycle....

1 comment:

  1. Never lose hope! I love that verse that speaks of asking for God for hope in our hopelessness. I'm praying it will happen quickly. I understand what you're saying and feeling. And I'm believing it is going to happen for you!!!