Monday, November 28, 2011


Before it gets lost on facebook, I wanted to post this tidbit onto my blog:

Natalie was introducing herself to my mother-in-law's friends one evening.  It was the cutest this ever. She said, "my mom calls me 'Natalie-Boo' and my dad calls me 'walk much'".

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ian is 7 months old!

Okay, so I'm a bit behind. :P  Life is crazy busy and I find it hard to come up for air.  BUT - I MUST post about my munchkin.  Our little man turned 7 months old yesterday. 

Ian, at seven months you:

~ roll around to get where you need to go.  We're VERY thankful you can't crawl yet! 

~ have this crazy tuft of hair that mommy doesn't want to cut

~ are a very sensitive little man.  You don't like any yelling AT ALL.

~ love your siblings.  They're the only ones that can make you laugh.  Natalie most of all.

~ aren't that crazy about real food.  You still gag.  :P

~ can finally sit.  Well, until you're tired and you plop yourself over, causing you to cry.  Silly boy!

~Say "dada" when you're happy and "mama" when you're not.  

~ you don't sleep very well since you're teething.  No teeth yet, tough!

~ LOVE to be held. Upright only.  You don't snuggle too much, but that'll come, I'm sure. 

~ need to be by people.  Independent you are not.  

Asleep on mama's lap.  Again.  Seems like this is the ONLY way he'll go to sleep!

Still has the babyish fingers.  

Our little man.  ::smooches!::