Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here and now

"God's power is given for the here and now. We may think and deliberate and mull things over for months, but God is ready to begin immediately when it comes to matters of His will." Bruce Wilkinson, Prayer of Jabez devotional
Okay, to be honest, the Prayer of Jabez devotional is on a shelf in my bathroom.  It was a quick read today and it struck a chord with me.  Even if *I'm* not ready, God always is. 

I had a bit of a breakdown over the weekend, but with the help of my husband and some friends, I let it ALL out.  I was holding back for quite some time, as I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable around me, I didn't want to burden people.  But that was the WRONG thing to do.  
That night, I slept well for the first time in nearly 6 weeks.  I was no longer carrying my burden alone.  I felt understood.  Now, I'm able to pray without crying and asking "why".  I was able to sing throughout worship at church Sunday morning WITHOUT crying.  It was a GREAT day!


  1. He is strong (and makes US strong) in our weakness. Love you!

    1. Love you, too, deary. Thank you for continued encouragement and prayer. <3

  2. Talking to friends about your problems/worries/concerns/sadness is never a burden. It is what friends are there for, even if we can't personally understand what you are going through. Friends can listen, hug, or just be there for you to cry on. It is a blessing to have friends. So glad that God is helping to show you the way to his comfort. Love you.