Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Ian's First Birthday

I seriously cannot believe it has already been a year since little E-man was born.  He has been such a doll and continuously makes us smile.

Sunday night, we had friends over to share cupcakes and ice cream and grill out for the second day in a row.  Man, it was a GREAT weekend!

Ian, at one year old you:

~ crawl faster than I've seen any kid crawl.  You know what you want and you totally go for it.

~ love your siblings.  Nate most of all.

~ are very tenderhearted.  Too much yelling/screaming and your stick your lip out to pout.

~weigh 19 pounds even and are 29" inches tall.  You are another shrimp, thanks to your mama.  

~ are a naughty little turkey.  You climb those stairs as soon as the gate is down.  You also go straight for the laundry room, dishwasher, and cupboards whenever available.  You know it's naughty, and you stare us down with *that* grin and go for it anyhow. 

~ your new sayings are "uh-oh", "all done", and "ni-ni" (na-night).

~ are good at eating.  We haven't found much that you WON'T eat.  

~ still aren't sleeping through the night, but we're hopeful. 

~ need a haircut, badly.  We'll take care of that this weekend. ;)

~ are a flirt.  Yes, at 12 months.  The ladies like you and you know it. 

~ are an amazing blessing and couldn't imagine life without you!!


We didn't light the candle for safety reasons.  ;)  He wasn't quite sure what to think.

He did NOT want to wait to eat the cupcake.

He certainly shoveled it in.

I think he got some up his nose.

All done!  And straight to the tubby he went!