Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Kid In Double Digits: 'Little' Nate

My 'little' Nate is a whopping 10 years old today.  Double digits!  A whole decade.  I think he will forever be my 'little' Nate. 

At 10 he
~ still LOVES math and will ask to do math work for fun
~ will play with his calculator for hours
~ doesn't like to watch TV
~ has three pet fish that he takes good care of
~ has a servants heart.  He's always willing to lend a hand and does is happily 
~ has a tender heart.  His feelings are hurt quite easily so he needs a bit more gentle parenting.  He's also quite aware of others' feelings around him. 
~ has been an incredible blessing to our family.  We love this little guy!



Oh, and one more thing.  Why will he always be our 'little' Nate?  This kid still wears size 7 bottoms.  To be honest, the kid is goofy enough to try on, and fits into, his three year old brother's pants.  Yes.   Yes he does.  And yes, we feed him.  ;)

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