Wednesday, August 20, 2014

36 Weeks and Counting

I'm tired.
I'm huge.
I hurt.
All normal for 36 weeks gestation, 8th pregnancy, 6th child.

33 weeks in the blue shirt and 35 weeks in the purple shirt.  

Baby has been hanging out breech or transverse for most of the second and third trimester.  At today's appointment he was head down.  Woot!

So far, he is measuring 7lbs7oz with a head circumference in the 98th+ percentile.  Guesses are that he will be around 10lbs at full term.

My biggest hurdle has been the pain and the mental aspect of it all.  I've been seeing a chiropractor for most of my pregnancy.  It's been such a relief.  Unfortunately, I'm so far along with so much relaxin in my body that the adjustments don't hold very long.  I might need a walker at some point if little man stays put much longer.

Mentally, I'm trying to be positive.  Trying to picture us holding a LIVE child this time around.  We're prepping for bringing home baby and we'll go with that.

We will celebrate LIFE.
We will CELEBRATE life.
We WILL celebrate life.

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  1. He's SO cute! I wish I was nearby to help somehow.