Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 months old

My little Ian guy has only two months left until his first birthday.  ::sniff::

Little buddy, at 10 months you:

~love to crawl under, over, and around the kitchen chairs and table

~ Try to stand up to/on everything, even if it's moving.

~Have two teeth.  It doesn't look like anything else is making it's way through just yet.

~Love your siblings so incredibly much.  It seems the only times you're laughing, you're laughing at or because of them. 

~Can be a tough nut to crack.  You don't give your smiles out easily.

~Enjoy eating.  We haven't found anything yet that you won't eat.  That includes stuff you find randomly on the floor that may or may not be edible.  

~Still don't sleep through the night.  We know it's coming, though!

~Think Padme, the cat, is a hoot.  She's not too fond of you little buddy.

~Dislike getting dressed to leave but you LOVE car rides!

~Did I mention you love to climb?  :P

~Do the army crawl REALLY WELL.  It's amazing how fast you move.

~Dada is STILL your favorite word.  Mama only comes when you're hurt or need/want something.

~Poop through your diaper just about every time you go.  That equals a LOT of clothing, dear boy. 

~Pinch far too much and far too hard.  You know what they say about the hand that feeds?  'Tis true about the breast that produces milk, my dear.

 Oh, little man.  I so look forward to seeing what these next few weeks hold for you.  It is so wonderful seeing you grow.  <3


  1. He is so sweet! It's fun to read how he and Obadiah are similar and how they are different. :) I hope we can get together soon!