Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Leah is 3!!

I'm right on time with Leah and behind on Ian and Austin.  I'm just here to show you guys I'm not perfect.  :P

 Little Leah, at 3 you:

~are a mischievous little thing.  You get in to more trouble than all your siblings combined.

~have the cutest laugh.  

~are already a teenager.  I pray for those years to be smooth and calm. 

~love to eat broccoli, pizza, and chicken nuggets.  Not necessarily in that order. 

~have very sensitive skin (still).  No lactose for you.  You are also sensitive to gluten, citrus, and any red sauce.  

~are our best sleeper.  Don't ask me how that happened.  It just did. 

~love to dress up; hats, dresses, purses, the works.

~enjoy playing with Barbie dolls, even if they are naked.

~pretend to be shy in social settings, although we all see right through you. 

~draw on everything you can.  We can make you wipe it off but you'll be exercising your creativeness on it again as soon as you are able. 

~are curious, just like the monkey.

~have gorgeous hair that Ian keeps pulling on. 

~are a smart cookie. You can count to twenty on your own and we're working on the ABC's. 

Leah, we love to see you growing and learning.  You are a beautiful little girl with amazing creativity.  We know you will do something great!


  1. You know, she probably gets into all that mischief because of the great sleep she gets! LOL

    Happy Birthday, Leah!