Thursday, September 1, 2011

Too Christian?

I struggle with parenting some times, I'll admit it.  I don't know if I'm doing too much or too little with OR for them.  I don't know if I'm being too lenient or too strict.   Austin is now to the age where I need to back off when it comes to his peers and how he deals with them and let HIM to charge.  The mama bear in me wants to take care of things.  It's a learning process for me as much as it is for him.

There is a certain child in our neighborhood who isn't quite the sweetest.  We've lived here for roughly 6-1/2 years and she has only gotten worse.  We live in a town home and there are 30 homes that face our backyard.  It's kinda hard to avoid ANYONE. 

So today, Austin came in the house and said, "so-and-so said I'm too Christian".  My mama bear wanted to kick in, but I decided to inquire further. I asked him what else she said.  He mentioned that she said our family is really "Christiany", made a comment about us homeschooling and how she thinks she has more friends than him, yada, yada, yada (my guess is there was a bit about our number of children, too, but he didn't mention that). 

I just told him to take it as a compliment.  I mean, if we as Christians are to try and live LIKE Christ and FOR Christ, then being "Christiany" means he's doing a good job, right?  I wanted to make the hurt go away for him, as teasing DOES hurt, even if you're NOT a kid. 

However, he still needs to make the choice in whether or not he continues to play with this person.  I explained what is required in a friendship.  If someone makes you feel bad, then they're really NOT your friend.  I'm hoping he is able to stand up for himself and what he believes in.  I hope that he feels PROUD of his family and what we stand for. 

How do you handle these kinds of things?  Do you let mama bear step in?  What kind of words would you share if this was YOUR child? 


  1. Well personally I don't find you too "christiany" at all. I've been friends with you for nearly 7 years now, despite our distinctly separate views on religion and its roll in life love and family, I have never once had cause to complain about your company, your attitude or your lifestyle choices. In fact if anything the choices you have made have brought hardship on you that you weather gloriously and it's a tribute to your faith and resolve in how you live love and raise your family. I don't have to agree with your faith, in order to recognize the strength it lends you and the greatness you draw from it.

    For this child or anyone to insult your beliefs is simply a reflection of a lacking insecurity in their own life, and that is something that will have to be worked out within their own family and home-life. You did the right thing in my opinion by reaffirming the support for your son without attacking the position of the young girl. attacking her position inevitably will lend it strength, ignoring it will display your own strength.

    Good Job!


  2. Thanks, Shaun! WOW! Thank you for the kind words. I just hope I did right by my child. It's hard to see them go through these things since I know what it was like for myself on the OTHER side of the coin.